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Why Wait to Spring to Find Your Dream Home?

Advantages of Winter Home Selling and Buying

Winter is here! Time to bundle up and spend more time with family and friends. In addition to celebrating the holiday season, if you are thinking about selling or buying a home, this season can offer many advantages.

The winter months can offer a good selection of housing with less competition from other buyers, plus the opportunity to settle in before warm weather arrives.

Keep reading for advantages of winter home selling and buying.

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Motivated Buyers and Sellers:  Buyers and sellers during the holidays are focused on moving, and moving fast.  People who are house hunting during the winter usually have a good reason, mostly out of necessity or opportunity. Many buyers this time of year have a timeline, like a relocating deadline for a new job or transfer, investors on tax deadlines, or simply those looking to downsize or upsize.
Less Competition: There is a belief that putting your home on the market during the harried holiday season may leave it sitting long after ringing in the New Year. Just as there are sellers seeking to make a move during this time of year, there are buyers looking for a home. With many people on holiday breaks visiting their families and friends, there can also be less competition that may place both home sellers and buyers at an advantage.
Holiday Cheer adds Curb Appeal:  For many, the holidays are a favorite time of year because of the festive lights and decorations. Many homes are looking their best. Celebratory decorations and an uncluttered environment is the recommended approach.
Energy-efficient Insights: Viewing homes during cold weather enables you to better determine the heating system’s efficiency, as well as how well-insulated the home is. You’ll be able to find out if some parts of the house are drafty and whether the owner uses space heaters in some rooms.
Lenders are Less Busy: Mortgage lenders aren’t as busy during the slower months, so they have more time to give you individualized attention, possibly resulting in expedited approvals and quicker closings.
Reliable Affiliated Agents:  An experienced and committed agent can relieve much stress and help provide peace of mind to enjoy the holiday season to its fullest. Finding a local agent who will go above and beyond to sell or find your home may be easier than you think.
This article was written using information from Karen Bernardi, owner of the Bernardi Group at Coldwell Banker in Boulder. Karen has been selling real estate for 30 years. The Bernardi Group’s hard work and dedication to customer service have enabled us to help more people buy or sell real estate in Colorado than any other agent. Chris Mygatt, a real estate veteran with more than two decades of experience, and President and Chief Operating Officer of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Colorado, also provided information for this blog post.
If you want to learn more about the advantages of winter home selling and buying, give us a call at 303.402.6000. We love chatting real estate!


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