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Partner Vendors

Accounting Phone Website Email Contact Comments
Cbiz Accounting 303.443.1586 Rachel Daily
Christine Ludwing, CPA O: 303.440.0399
D: 720.250.9227
Trudie Webster – Webster Appraisal Services M: 303.898.5068     O: 303.444.6200 No Website twebster(at)indra(dotted)com
Mike Burkhardt 303.444.8188 mike(at)harbingerappraisal(dotted)com
Kimberly Alsop 720.841.4265 kimealsop(at)gmail(dotted)com Will do measurements for $200
Paul Licht 303.359.6601 No Website lichtresidential(at)gmail(dotted)com
JP Prescott jpserbu91(at)gmail(dotted)com
Rodwin Architecture 303.413.8556 sccott(at)rodwinarch(dotted)com Scott Rodwin Has a lot of Knowledge on Historical Properties & Remodels
Carl Whitten- Whitten Design 303.443.2518 wdg(at)whittendg(dotted)com
Absolute Art Instalations 303.330.4499 A.J. Raymond Jr.
Appliance Repair
Columbine Appliance and Fireplaces 303.443.7211 wayne(at)columbineappliance(dotted)com Wayne
Hi-Tech Appliances 303.665.0951
Major Asbestos Control 303.678.7953 bmaj(at)aol(dotted)com Mike Asbestos control and demolition
Benjamin J. Daniels, Esq. 303.494.3000 ben(at)frascona(dotted)com
Ed Byrne *** (former City of Bldr) 303.447.2555  edbyrne(at)smartlanduse(dotted)com Land use approvals and real estate transactions
Johnson & Repucci 303.442.1900 Kristi Real estate, water and land use
Melissa Sternfield- Sternfield Law 720.289.8254
P. Andrew Jones, Esquire 970.622.8181 paj(at)ljcglaw(dotted)com water rights attorney-referral Jim Young
Frascona, Jointer, Goodman & Greenstein 303.494.3000
Kim Lord – Real Estate 303.447.0450 ext 112 kim(at)parkarddierking(dotted)com
Scott Osgood 303.442.0165 russ(at)oshlaw(dotted)com
Cable Television
Comcast 1.800.COMCAST
Tony Azar-referral from Christy 303.828.9555 tony(at)azarswoodcraft(dotted)com Tony Custom woodwork
Classy Closets 720.386.2646
Carpet Cleaners
Steve’s Carpet Care 303.530.4900 stevescarpet(at)outlook(dotted)com Steve
Nesheim’s 303.499.6840 / 666.8888 info(at)neisheims(dotted)com
Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning 303.258.3681 heavensbest1(at)comcast(dotted)net Rick & Suzanne Referral Melanie
All Pro Environmentally Safe, Non-Toxic 303.596.3106 allprosteamclean(at)comcast(dotted)net Robert Martin Referral Emily
Rug Kleen 303.530.1544 No Website tom(dotted)amidei(at)comcast(dotted)net Tom Best to call. Not good with email
Prefessional Services 303.702.9509 snrsqueege(at)msn(dotted)com Mike Thomas
Absolute Carpet 970.412.0717 Ralph May Carpet Stretching
Chimney Sweeping
Chimaree Chimney 970.667.2888 chimareecc(at)gmail(dotted)com 
Sunshine Chimney Cleaning 303.442.7747 eric(at)gsccorporation(dotted)com Eric
Rocky Mountain Chimney Sweep 303.665.5627 No website gjbrando(at)gmail(dotted)com Joyce
Citru Solution 720.236.2920
Chimney Sweeps of America 303.973.7376 info(at)chimneysweepsofamerica(dotted)com
Commercial Realtors
Vista Commercial Advisors 303.588.0034 hart(at)vistacommercial(dotted)com Kevin Hart
Michael McCarty 303.586.5939 mccarty(at)gibbonswhite(dotted)com
Flagstaff Properties 303.443.8850 doug(at)flagstaffpropertiesinc(dotted)com Doug
Lookout Maintenance 303.443.3017 bcookson(at)lookoutrenovation(dotted)com Brian
AGS Construction 303.933.6652 Penningtons on Strawberry recommended
Andrew Williams (Kitchen & Bath) 303.919.2279 andrew(at)andrewwilliamsdesigns(dotted)com Andrew
K.B.C. Remodel (Mark) 303.682.1777 kbcremodel(at)gmail(dotted)com Mark
Handyman Matters 303.545.6460 (brighton- castle rock) northmentrodenver(at)handymanmatters(dotted)com 720.287.1100 (Boulder & N. Colorado)
Gunter Construction 303.264.7631 pblairgunter(at)gmail(dotted)com Blair Gunter Boby’s referral
Cathy Hanson 303.829.4739 Referral client-Melanie Miller cghansondesign(at)gmail(dotted)com Only big remodel projects
TCS Concrete 303.963.9216 Robin Nissen
Total Concrete Services 303.447.8450 X20 [email protected] Jay
Bob Sandoval Concrete 303.356.1454 bobsandovalconcrete(at)gmail(dotted)com Bob
Labrador Retrievers 303.472.0625 chhd(at)gmail(dotted)com
Denver/Boulder Couriers 303.444.9833 info(at)dbcouriers(dotted)com Christopher
Drain Cleaning & Scoping
ABC Drain (Clayton) Rooter 303.440.4483
Quality Drain & Sewer (scope) 303.466.8710 fax 303.465.5941
Ed’s Drywall 303.530.1099
Max Electric 303.475.4266 Robert Dropped everything to help in a pinch. Great service!
Axicon 720.252.8335
Crystal Electric 303.666.0667 contact(at)crystalelectric(dotted)com Jenny
Salazar Electric 303.229.9795 [email protected] Gary Salazar
Applewood Heating & Electric 303.328.3000 Cory Hankins Brandon recommendation- have used them personally
Independence Electrical 303.463.7821 Tony Ritchie
Energy Clearing
Doug Ballard 720.280.1736 3422 W. 8th. Ave. Denver, 80204 [email protected]
Left Hand Excavating 303.833.3326
EZ Excavating 303.772.8121
Quality Fireplace 303.946.6535
Gas Connection 303.466.4206
Trinity services 303.255.7400 303.995.9584
Hunter Flooring 303.666.4486
Fashion Carpet and Tile 303.455.2479 toddgreenberg(at)fcandt(dotted)com Todd Greenberg Mel’s Husband
Fiori 720.565.2434
Boulder Blooms 303.494.5678
Sturtz & Copeland 303.442.6663
Garage Doors
Front Range Garage Door – Bill 303.469.5312 frgdoor(at)aol(dotted)com Bill
Xcel Energy 800.895.4999
Tobin Osteen (Vermillion Construction) 720.771.8152 vermil(dotted)construct(at)gmail(dotted)com
James Tyson 303.526.8237 jamesaltyson(at)gmail(dotted)com Handyman/ Will do simple yard work as well
Chris McGrath (AusCraft) 720.231.8284 auscrafthomes(at)gmail(dotted)com Maddie’s brother in law
Justin Gregory 303.717.8126 info(at)synergyhomeimprovement(dotted)org Susannah’s contact
Jim Foley 720.987.9041
Al Stanislav 970.573.0303 nocohandymansolutions(at)gmail(dotted)com Lara McDermott’s BF
Harold Trudeau 303.803.4916 Handyman
John 720.272.3558
[email protected]
John Pass 303.618.8675 jdpass(at)municipaltreatment(dotted)com Installs metel fences and gates
Hardwood Floors
Wood Wise 303.442.7777
Lumber Liquidators 720.204.3477
Heating & Air Conditioning
Bernies 303.442.7060 Only service hot water heat
Tri County HVAC (Joe) 303.589.4091 info(at)tricountyheatingcooling(dotted)com
Meyers Heating 303.442.6640
Save Home Heat 303.443.9762
Highland Heating and Air 303.951.4862
Sweet Loo Plumbing & Heating 303.503.2295 Boilers, radiant floors Michael Stevens
Groulx Mechanical Heating and Cool 720.329.3429
Horsetooth Heating & Air 970.286.0640 kyle(at)horsetoothheatingandait(dotted)com Kyle Littleton Works mostly in Northern CO. Good for Loveland, Fort Lupton, Berthoud, etc
Hot Tub Removal
International Hot Tub Company 303.449.7095
Spa Water Specialist (Brian) 303.710.6209 kapulst(at)live(dotted)com
House Cleaning
Boulder House Cleaning 303.442.7747 Jason
Yangchen Lhamo 303.564.0411 Tara Cleaning LLC
1220 Atlantis Ave
Lafayette CO 80026
Merry Maids 303.530.7085
Anna’s Touch 720.314.1919 anastouch(at)hotmail(dotted)com
State Farm (Jeff Pfeiffer) 303.651.0111
State Farm (Lezlie Leier) 303.939.9693
Farmer’s (Leslie Wallace) 720.205.0101
Allstate (Catherine Davis) 303.772.4600 CDavis5(at)allstate(dotted)com
Rick Baker Insurance 303.444.3334 Cheryl(at)rickbakerinsurance(dotted)com Cheryl If no one else can
insure, these guys can!!
Inspectors (Home)
Anthony Eulberg, PE 720.263.1634 aeulberg(at)hie-ce(dotted)com Anthony Our fees are typically $190 (excluding any applicable travel fees)
Insight Inspection (Darwin) 303.652.3828 insightinspection(at)comcast(dotted)net Carol
Abacus Inspection service 303.554.5840 newmark(at)abacusinspection(dotted)com Martin Newmark
Axis (George Phillips) 303.673.9666
Inspections over Coffee 303.500.3378 M:407.913.4690 greg(at)heroinspect(dotted)com Referral BobbyK
Inspection Connection 303.828.1372 Dennis
Scott Home Inspection 303.373.2424
Joe Roberts & Sons 303.581.9937 x 3 rental inspector & property management
Pillar to Post 303.772.1997 ken(dotted)peter(at)pillartopost(dotted)com Ken
A Rock Solid Home Inspection 303.718.7779 jonathan(at)arocksolidhome(dotted)com Jonathan Leahy
Interior Decorating
Ranch House Interior Design 303.402.1779
Caroline Evans 303.494.8762 No website
Thornton Designs 303.449.0449 Julie Thornton
HMH 303.444.8488
Ashlie Adam 801.836.2844 ashlie(at)ashlieadaminteriors(dotted)com Ashlie
Junk Removal
Bob Mills 720.933.5043
Boulder Lawns 303.931.3434 Joe
Lawn Works (Mario) C. 970.222.9227     O. 303.449.5044 marioapalermo(at)yahoo(dotted)com Mario Palermo
J & S Landscape 303.651.6897
Qua Landscaping 720.207.4253
Green Valley Landsape (Alex) 303.412.6701
Mark Herzog 303.817.2659 mpherzog(at)aol(dotted)com Mark Karen’s Landscaper
Arbor Pro Services 303.886.3476 Craig Hoffmann
Rob Campisi 303.995.6432 referral Stan Yard cleanup
Boulder Landscape Design 303.443.3460 Located lyons
Gem’s Tree Service 303.356.7728 gemstreeserv(at)gmail(dotted)com Gabriella Mario’s Referral
Brian Manning at Guaranteed Rate 303.500.3839 brianm(at)rate(dotted)com Brian Manning
SWBC 303.478.7696 cnash(at)swbc(dotted)com Carrie Nash
Wells Fargo 303.519.2351 chelsea(dotted)brodal(at)wellsfargo(dotted)com Chelsea M Brodal
Elevations 303.441.5888 greg(dotted)roller(at)elevationscu(dotted)com Greg Roller
Elevations 303.642.5617 michael(dotted)roth(at)elevationscu(dotted)com Mike Roth
Lafayette Lock and Key 303.665.1444
Buffalo Lock and Key 303.494.0707 Cindy
Mailer Services
UPS 303.442.6858
Pak Mail 303.444.0831
Mason/ Stonework
Josh Valencia- Creative Masonry 303.359.0152 creativemasonary(dotted)joshua(at)gmail(dotted)com Karen’s recommendation. Referred to her by her builder.
Dan Cameron- Creative Hardscapes 720.350.7288 (mobile) 303.914.8525 (work) dan(at)creativehardscape(dotted)com NOT a stone mason. Landscaper/ driveway paver. Karen recommendation
Auto Wrench 303.443.8779
Control Environmental Group- Abatement 970.494.8100 pckrdj(at)aol(dotted)com Jim Mold & Asbestos- Abatement (not testing)
Zeal Environmental- Testing 720.323.3949 Mold & Asbestos- Testing (not abatment)
Environspec- Testing 303.800.8187 Mold and Asbestos Testing
AG Wassenaar- Testing 303.759.8373
Custom Environmental- Abatment 303.423.9949 Mold, asbestos and oil
Farmer Environmental Group 303.468.8763 Mold, environmental consulting
A & L Abatement, LLC 303.419.1254 Bennie Asbestos
Mold Removal express 720.445.6701 mold testing & removal
Major Asbestos 970.532.4855 866.973.3721 bmaj(at)aol(dotted)com Asbestos
Movers (Local)
Apro Moving 720.347.3198 client referral
Taylor Moving 303.443.5885
Box Truck Couriers 720.309.0010 w(dotted)oliver25(at)icloud(dotted)com William Oliver Moving and delivery
Colorado Moving Experts 303.877.0869 cody(at)comovingexperts(dotted)com Cody Knauss
Boulder Valley Transfer 303.530.7333 ralphb(at)bouldervalleytransfer(dotted)com Ralph
Two Men and a Truck 303.443.9911 & 720.644.9766
Boulder Moving Services 303.807.9388 bouldermoving(at)yahoo(dotted)com Brian
Moving Connection 303.665.6683
Colorado High Tech 303.329.6868 Moving and storage
Golden Van Lines 303.776.3882 T.J. Marchello
Summit Movers 303.261.7462 Matt
Concrete Stabilization Technologies 303.306.9191
Melissa Triplett 303.641.8980 ateaseorganizing(at)gmail(dotted)com Melissa Professional Organizer
Creative Chaos 303.494.3316 Kathy
Organization and Relocation 303.448.9966 info(at)organizationandrelocation(dotted)com Sheryl Hadley
Be Free Organizing 303.817.3470 bdsaeger(at)gmail(dotted)com Brian Saeger aslo packing and downsize
Home Organizing
250 Mohawk Drive
Boulder, CO 80303
Vanessa 303.589.3065
Joy 303.870.5365
Painting Plus of Boulder 303.449.2724
720.627.6372 michael(at)paintingplusofboulder(dotted)com Michael
Pro Tech Paint 720.289.1242
Master’s Touch Painting 303.464.8300
Maurer Painting (Tami) 303.817.9420
Moriah’s Painting 303.827.8301 Jeff Allen Interior and exterior, meticulous painter
Personal Chef
Susanna Minichiello 303.868.9565
Chef Devlin OConnor 312.405.0881 chefdevlinoconnor(at)gmail(dotted)com Megan’s Brother
Pet Services
Scoopy Doo’s 303.678.8860
720.273.5924 scoopydoos(at)gmail(dotted)com Debbie
Pet Smart 303.449.0201
Rocky Mountain Pet Care 303.651.3647
Tom Schweda 303.818.2794 No website tomphoto(at)hotmail(dotted)com Tom No aerials or virtual tours
Mike Laughlin 970.674.7280
Piano Services
Ralph Oswald 303.449.1676
Norm’s Plumbing 303.447.1134
Barday Plumbing and Heating 303.440.9411 operations(at)bardayplumbing(dotted)com Steve
JD Plumbing 303.887.3356
Nice Guy Plumbing and Heating 303.774.6397
O’Connor Plumbing (Tim) 303.237.8575
Sweet Loo Plumbing 303.503.2295 radiant floor & boilers
ABC Drain (Clayton) 303.440.4483 clean-out only (no repairs)
JAMES PLUMBING (Longmont) 970.388.8579 jsanchezplbg08(at)yahoo(dotted)com Greely
Property Management
Wilkinson Properties LLC Rene Wilkinson 303.449.1932
Aspen Property Managment 303.396.0190
bobby(at)aspen-mgmt(dotted)com Bobby Mathieson
Pool Maintinence
Mr. Pool 303.443.0821
R and R Aquatics 855.772.7824
Pressure Washing
Summit Pressure Washing 970.829.8735
Advanced Radon Mitigation 303.985.1062 fax 303.763.5219 John 720.384.3789 (cell)
Ace Radon 303.753.1044 mail(at)aceradon(dotted)com 800.844.7236
Radon Engineering Consultants 303.741.1100 jpackard(at)controlenvironmental(dotted)com
C-R Services 303.254.8812 Radon
SWAT Environmental 303.466.2626 /970.669.6544 Michael Bains Radon
Colorado and Company – Luxury Rentals C. 720.339.8550
O. 303.957.1914; kim(at)coloradocompany(dotted)com Kim Finnigan Luxury High End Rentals. She will pay a refferal fee if they end up buying
Arapahoe Roofing 303.466.7386
Mark Bellitt (referral-Christy)
New Era Roofing 720.989.6123
720.251.9329 (Pablo) Pablo Kat’s referral – Free inspection/estimate, very polite & communicative!
E&M Roofing Specialist 720.839.3315 Eli Grasmick
Columbine Roofing 720.207.8655
Roof Masters of Colorado 720.485.2662 rmcboulder(at)gmail(dotted)com Alexander Hoffmann Bobby’s referal
Northwest Roofing 303.804.0303
Loveland Roofing 970.278.0180
JC Roofing 303.702.9013 No website (5 year certifications-Longmont)
Northern Lights Exteriors 303.776.5263 northernlightsexteriors(at)gmail(dotted)com windows, doors
Roof Brokers, Inc. 303.750.1900
Tiley Roofing 303.426.7370 mail(at)tileyroofing(dotted)com
Celtic Roofing & Gutters 720.270.1300 Castle Rock
Eco Roof and Solar Roofing 303.484.9854 khutt(at)ecoroofandsolar(dotted)com
Septic Services
Sullivan 303.772.4019 sullseptic(at)aol(dotted)com
Suc N Up 720.289.6210 sucnupseptic(at)yahoo(dotted)com pump only
Sewer Scope & Repair
Sewer Solutions 720.295.6421 sewer(at)sewer-solutions(dotted)com Repair, cleaning & scoping
Sewer Experts 720.663.7473 info(at)sewerex(dotted)com
Quality Drain 303.466.8710 Dean Cox NO REPAIRS
Sewer Scope LLC 303.750.0336 Matt Turnbull Inspection, location and cleanig
Drain Brain 720.322.4845 geoff(at)denverdrainbrain(dotted)com Geoff Repair, cleaning & scoping
Hydrophysics 303.806.0622 Sewerline inspections
Short Sale Services
5A Financial 719.266.9835 x 2 dahilker(at)gmail(dotted)com
Solar Energy
Namaste Solar 303.447.0300 hlnangle(at)namastesolar(dotted)com
Staging Companies
Lara McDermott- Living Well Design 303.928.9733 (use this number) 303.378.8361 [email protected] Lara McDemott
Sara Garden- Rocky Mountain Staging 720.295.0720 (office)
720.475.6238 (cell) Sara Garden
Lori Carroll- Renewed Interiors by Lori 704.777.1499 Lori Carroll Consult only- No furniture
Structural Engineers
Anthony Eulberg, PE 720.263.1634 aeulberg(at)hie-ce(dotted)com Anthony Our fees are typically $190 (excluding any applicable travel fees)
HIE Consulting Engineers 303.279.HOME (4663)
mkolesar(at)hie-ce(dotted)com Structural: $340-400
Lopez Smolens Associates 303.447.2813
G.A. Escobar Associates, Inc. 303.678.5222
DLK Engineering 720.696.0355
Gebau, Inc 303.444.8545 does not do residential
Huffman Inspections 303.840.8722 aaron(at)huffmaninspections(dotted)com Aaron Owner Home Inspections the inspect Stucco
Vamp Siding and Stucco 303.325.5212 vampllc(at)gmail(dotted)com Jeff
Stucco Done Right 303.807.2767 stuccodonerightllc(at)gmail(dotted)com Alex/Sara
Exterior Restorations 303.809.6799 sales(at)exteriorrestorations(dotted)com Scott Shaver
Vamp Siding and Stucco 303.835.3025 Mike Sweeting
AGS Stucco 303.933.6652
Home Data Systems 303.773.6102 referral-KeeterBros. EDI certified inspector
Swift Stucco Inspections (high) 303.875.5843
Survey and ILC
Flatirons Surveying 303.443.7001 Ext. 669 sbennink(at)flatironsinc(dotted)com Sterling 720.221.2669
Drexel Barrell & Co 303.442.4338
Scott Cox & Associates Inc. 303.444.3051
Huffman Surveying 303.421.5263 Matt Huffman
Tax Exchange
1031 Exchange Solutions 303.440.1031
Land Title – Kristina Ott 303.850.4160 kott(at)ltgc(dotted)com
Century Link 877.348.9007
Advantage Tile & Grout Cleaning 303.439.8453 Aaron Allina
Trash & Hauling Removal
Bin There Dump That 970.988.4164 dmcbride06(at)msn(dotted)com Dumptser Deliveries
Boulder Hauling Company 303.447.8930 trashman(at)boulderhauling(dotted)com
Colllege Hunks Hauling 720.386.9740
Broadway Animal Hospital and Pet Center 303.499.5505
Well/Water Testing:
Ground Water Systems 303.527.0396
GNC Water Well 303.442.1911
John’s Well Service 303.823.5344
Window Cleaning
Dilly’s Window Cleaning 949.309.7852 dillyswindowcleaning(at)gmail(dotted)com
North Star Cleaning Service 303.449.6446
Dan’s Window Cleaning 303.862.9449
Spotless Window 303.665.2654 Harry
Window Replacement/ Repairs Comments
Wolf Building and Design 303.530.2818 Windows, doors and skylights
Ray Brusha 720.205.0419 Repairs only-referred by Solar Glass (GREAT GUY)
Glass Doctor 720.943.1143
Toledo Glass 303.443.8282
Slade Glass 303.442.3662
Louisville Glass 303.665.2303
Gaffey Window Cleaning 319.530.7454 andygaffeywindowcleaning(dotted)com Andy Gaffey windows, gutters, solar panel cleanging
Window Treatment:
Creative Interiors (shutters) 303.758.5800
Screenmobile 303.470.6100
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