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Selling Your Home This Fall/Winter 2023 with Karen Bernardi

two women talk about selling your home in this real estate market

Selling Your Home This Fall/Winter 2023 with Karen Bernardi and Madison Cervo

Boulder, Colorado area realtors Karen Bernardi and Madison Cervo discuss what they do when selling your home this Fall/Winter 2023. They also address what you can be doing to get your home ready if you are interested in selling.

Should People Wait Until Spring 2024 to Put Their Home on the Market?

Madison recommends that our sellers take advantage of the uptick in the market to maximize on today’s market versus gambling with the future market. Inventory is low, under-contracts are up, and the market is good if your home is priced and presented correctly.

Price it Right, Stage, and Maintenance

Karen recommends doing little things when you are about to sell, like cleaning off your furnace and straightening up the interior of cabinets. Madison talks about paining over scuff market.

Should You Remodel? 

Madison mentions that buyers want the entire home remodeled or they want a clean slate to make their own choices. As such, the return on investment for remodeling is low. Instead, focus on key safety and health issues, and focus on staging your home when it does go on the MLS. OR, because inventory is low, put it on the market now in its present condition, and see what happens. If it doesn’t sell, pull it off, make some fixes, and re-list in February.


Focus on standard maintenance of your home.

And, the list-price-to-sale-price is about a 94% average, and the Bernardi Group has been averaging about 98%.


If you are thinking about listing your home in the Boulder/Denver Metro area, contact The Bernardi Group at 303.402.6000. We love talking about real estate and offer no obligation market evaluations. These also include personalized recommendations about what you need to do to your home in preparation for selling it.

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