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Price it Right

We Are Your Pricing Experts
How you price your property will directly affect how many buyers, showings and offers you attract, and ultimately whether your property sells.

– When you price your property in alignment with the actual market value, you will attract a greater percentage of buyers.
– When you price your property based on factors such as…
–  How much you owe
–  How much you feel its worth
–  What you paid for it

asking price


When pricing your home…
It’s important to look at your property like a buyer does…

Here is why:
– A high price on your property makes other comparable properties more attractive, so you
actually help to sell your competition.
– Fewer buyers will respond to ads, fewer agents will show your property to their buyers, and
you will get fewer serious offers.

– Reducing the price after buyers and brokers have already seen your property will not generate

Buyer Activity